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The FIRST 6 in 1 multimedia box in the Philippines

Digital TV Programming

UTechnologies - DTV

Catch your favorite show or scan for free-to-air digital (terrestrial) TV channels available in your area. With the right signal strength and connected to Universal Box HDMI port, the Universal Box receives and delivers sharp and clear high-definition (HD) pictures. It is compatible with LCD and CRT monitors, and capable of displaying digital quality of picture with old analogue TV sets via AV cable.

It is equipped with a PVR function that allows you to record (via USB) and playback your favorite shows. Even when you’re not around, you can set the channel and the time when the PVR should start recording. (Check the manual to know more of the available recording options).

Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

UTechnologies - PVR

Real time FM radio

UTechnologies - FM radio

The UBOX won’t let you miss a radio show on FM too. It is also an FM signal receiver.

Sing your lungs out with Universal Box karaoke function. The two-way karaoke function of Universal Box lets you enjoy your karaoke via USB flash drive or mobile Bluetooth.

Karaoke function

UTechnologies - Karaoke

Bluetooth audio player

UTechnologies - Bluetooth

Plays audio files straight from your smart devices via Bluetooth. No need to dock your device to select, play or control the volume.

Plug-in your USB flash drive to play videos, music and movies.

USB multimedia player

UTechnologies - USB

Size (L x W x H)

25.5 x 12 x 14.5

Weight (kg)



UTechnologies - UBox light brown front
UTechnologies - UBox brown front
UTechnologies - UBox black front